Earthly Angels Healing Arts & Designs, LLC
Allow me to assist you on your healing journey by clearing energy blockages so your body can be more open to healing, connecting with your True Self and assisting you with
connecting to Source energy.  By using alternative healing techniques, which emphasize wellness of the "whole" person, MIND-BODY-SOUL, I assist you, through Reiki, energy
work & other healing modalities to relieve Stress, Anxiety, pain, promote inner calmness & awakening. We will also be able to clear away stuck energy that is holding you
back from being your true, authentic self, by clearing away negative thoughts, beliefs & old patterns of behaviors at an energetic level. Your sessions are personalized and will
change as your situation, and energy changes, as the sessions progress.

If you are struggling with any of the following you may find it very beneficial to receive Reiki healing energy work & seek counsel of my services:  
  • Stress - Anxiety - Insomnia - Migraines - Emotional Co-Dependency - Hypertension - Endometriosis - Fibromyalgia
  • Depression - Cancer Chemotherapy/Radiation Side Effects - Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder - Arthritis - Early Alzheimer's
  • Plantar Fasciitis - Pre/Post Surgical Procedures  - Other ailments or just need time to relax, re-center & balance.

When you have a healing Reiki session with an experienced Master you are opening yourself to Universal Life Force Energy that helps you re-connect to your true higher self.  
The stress, toxins & negative energy that has accumulated & is being held in every part of your body begins to fall away & you once again feel the doors opening to become
more confident, creative, calm & whole, MIND-BODY-SOUL.  Each session will be different, according to the person and their needs or issues at the time of each session.  
A new year is upon us.  New opportunities for growth, healing, changes in ourselves to make our lives better.
Is this the year where you feel ready to start peeling away the layers of heaviness that have weighed you down,
kept you stagnant & stuck physically, emotionally & spiritually?
Are you feeling out of balance? Are you feeling energetically stuck, overly stressed, filled with anxiety? Do you feel
unusual aches or pains in your body? Do you feel overwhelmed; being pulled in too many directions?
Are you dealing with health issues or medications that are giving you side effects?
If you answered YES to any of these, I can help.
2017 is a "1" year in numerology which means New Beginnings.  If you have been wanting to make changes in your
life, to start peeling away the layers of old patterns, thought processes or emotional co-dependency that no longer
fit for who you know you really are now or can Be, I would be honored to be of assistance to you on your healing
Through the various healing modalities I employ in my sessions you will begin to strip away that which has held you
down & create new neural pathways so you begin to soar, Mind-Body-Spirit. As your transformational mentor,
you can do this, & you will never walk the path alone.

Our bodies are the most important temples in the world. They work in miraculous ways even when we neglect &
abuse them. We do not always give them the nourishment & nutrients they need to run properly or efficiently. We
do not always enrich them with daily practices that can help them grow energetically & spiritually. They are usually
not thought of with any reverence at all as we push them to the brink of total breakdown each day, year after year.

Healing of mind, body, & soul keeps our bodies energetically aligned so we are able to think more clearly, our body is
able to ward off diseases more efficiently & our spirits soar as our creativity is awakened. We are able to release
stress & anxiety, reduce pain, worry & clear karma.  If you are ready to go deep within to release the heavy,
negative energy that is holding you back from being YOUR best, I can help.
I appreciate each of you, thank you, & would feel very honored to be allowed to be a part of your healing journey.
I look forward to seeing you soon. Namaste!


FEBRUARY SPECIALS:  (all sessions are usually 2-hours long - (includes initial consultation, 90-min table time, ending discussion)
New Clients:          $120   (This first visit can be up to 2 1/2 to even 3 hrs long according to your needs, so give yourself enough time in your schedule)   
Individual Sessions:  $100     ($20 discount)
3-Packs: $279   =  $93 each  (BEST PRICE - $27 off each session)

(3-pack sessions are good in your account for 6 months from the date of purchase.)

If you have wondered if Reiki, Tuning Fork Sound Therapy, Chakra balancing, & Therapeutic Touch could help someone as they
go through chemotherapy/radiation or you know someone who is struggling with stress, anxiety, pain, neuropathy, or emotional
issues - I Can Help!  I can even go to them in the hospital.
Please feel free to share my information with friends & family you know, love, & care about.  Also, if you know of someone who is
dealing with the loss of a loved one, please share with them as well.  They are just as much in need of healing to get through this
difficult time. I am always happy to assist in any way that I can on your healing journey.
If there are cancer, veterans, or any other Support Groups that you know who might be interested in having me work with them
through my Guided Visualization relaxation classes, please contact me or pass on my information to them.  I am always looking for
ways that I can assist those in need on their personal healing journey.

May we all open our hearts & minds to welcome new thoughts & perceptions so we may continue to grow & evolve into our true &
unique Greatness this year. Thank you all for your continued support and referrals. I am grateful & honored to be of service to your
friends & family on their healing journey. I look forward to seeing you soon.

The words that I live by, passed down to me from my dad:
"There are no strangers in the world, only friends I have yet to meet."

NAMASTE my friends!
Sharon E. Withers, CRM, CTTP, MBSAP

                        Hope & Love will always find a way to light up the darkness...
                     It's just up to us to open the door & invite them in.
What Is a 120-min Healing Energy Session Like?
We start with an initial consultation so I know what energetic imbalances, emotional blockages and illnesses you are dealing with so we know how to proceed. You can bring
a pair of shorts or wear loose, comfortable clothing with pant legs that can be folded up above the knees.
Then very soothing music is used that sweeps you away to your favorite place within your mind as I conduct an energy sweep over the body to locate areas of heavy or stuck
energy.  I use 100% pure therapeutic or clinical grade essential oils that have been formulated and clinically tested for maximum cell permeability. These oils are applied to the
soles of the feet, stimulating the acupressure points so that within 15 minutes the oils have reached every cell in your body. Muscle tension release work and Reiki are done on
the feet to release stress, tension and pain.  
Tuning fork therapy is used to open and clear the body's electromagnetic energy pathways. Other tuning forks may be used, as needed, to assist in releasing nerve bundles or
knots in muscles or to assist in relieving pain in tender nerve endings.. We will discuss the blockages as I move through the Chakras. Once the muscles have relaxed throughout
the body you are now free to drift off to a deeper, relaxing meditative state, focusing on the soothing music.
A complete assessment and balancing of your Chakra energy centers is done along the spine from the base of the tailbone to the top of the head, unwinding each one, doing a
release/clear, down to cellular level, across all space & time, then rewinding each one, bringing in positive, healing Universal Life Force energy. This is followed with very
relaxing head muscle tension release work and Cranial Reiki. All throughout the session I am assisting you in bringing in the Reiki energy, then increasing the vibration of this
energy flow throughout the body with the help of the other modalities, which in turn increases the benefits of the essential oils.
According to pain issues you may be experiencing, I incorporate Therapeutic Touch throughout the session to help the body release the pain from its energy field, then bring in
healing, loving energy throughout the body, surrounding and protecting it from negativity and lower energy vibrations. I then take you on a Guided Visualization clearing &
releasing anything that is no longer serving the body in the highest degree. Each visualization is different according to the person's needs that day.  
At the end you are grounded, filled with healing, protective white light and then brought back up to this space and time once more, fully awake but now relaxed, recharged,
more focused and centered, ready to face your busy schedule with renewed energy and attitude.  At the end we will discuss how you felt through the session, answer
questions you may have and how we should proceed for your greatest overall benefit in your healing process. Each session can be different for you & for each individual,
according to what is going on in your body on that day, at that time.
Always make sure to drink plenty of water over the next 24-48 hours as the toxins that have been released from the cells, muscles & organs need to be flushed from the
body.  It is also beneficial for you to eat lightly over the next 48 hours as your body is still releasing and processing and you want your energy to be used for that instead of
processing heavy foods.   Please feel free to give me a call if you have any questions that arise after your session.
If you are going through chemotherapy or radiation treatments we will be discussing the side effects that are showing up each time after your treatments so we can address
them and help release them.  Soon you may find that you are no longer experiencing side effects at all.  
As we discuss the issues you are struggling with I begin to get a better feel for who you are, how you have been coping with these issues thus far, and what you are seeking
through your sessions.  We will then determine, together, the best action, for the best results that can be obtained for you.  As your situation changes, we will continue to
modify the sessions also, so you always receive the most benefit in your healing & growth.
I hope you will peruse the rest of my site for further information, especially the testimonials, and then give me a call to answer your questions or to set up an appointment.  
I look forward to assisting you on your healing journey and I would be honored for you to allow me to be a part of it.

In Love & Light,

* Is there any scientific proof of the benefits of Reiki?                                               -Please go to the Information page for much more on this topic.
* What do people think of it?                                                                           -Visit the Testimonials page.
* Who is Sharon Withers & how long has she been doing this type of work?                   -Click on the Meet Sharon Withers page
* Is Reiki & energy healing the right choice for me?                                                 -Give me a call, 720-261-2412 & consultations are free of charge.
* What if we reach a point where we feel we need to go deeper, are there more options?   -Yes - visit the bottom of the Information page for info on MBSA.


                                                            Always remember -
                It's not what you look at that really matters, it's what you actually see!
                                                                                                    by Henry David Thoreau
              The eyes may be open but is the mind is closed? Imagine all the beauty within & outward you may be missing.


BIG NEWS of Great New Designs & Gift Ideas:
If you are also looking for a Very Special Gift for someone I have available beautiful pendants that have healing crystals wrapped in .999 pure
silver.  These custom pieces are made by my son, John, and each one is very different.  If you are interested in knowing more just give me a call.
I can show you pictures of pieces he has available at this time. They range in price from $125 & up. They are the perfect gift for someone who
wants & enjoys jewelry that is different & stunningly beautiful. They are like nothing you have ever seen, created with love & passion for his work,
the stone & it's presentation. Just give me a call to see what I have available at this time, as they are always changing as he sends me more.
I have a beautifully polished coiled fossil at this time. It is wrapped in .999 sterling silver for $195. It will make a GREAT GIFT!
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